Inspiration // Nostalgia de vos

nostalgia_de_vos by Goghi&Goghi

“Can a silly pop song become the match point for two distant lovers, accidentally listening to the same radio station? A stupid jingle becomes the rhythmic excuse to explore a transition in a motel. A love conversation becomes a symbiotic monologue, that finally reaches its definite, precarious final shape of a pornographic consideration on gender, through a iridescent skin transformation. Though, the only real pornography lies in the voyeuristic eye of the observer which, in the private and intimate space of a hotel room, looks for genitals, or some kind of secondary sexual feature, to keep quiet the fear of uncertainty”

A short film by Goghi&Goghi  ideated, directed and edited by Elia Covolan with Mara Pieri – filmed @ADA Lab, Vicenza (IT), 2014

 After being part of the selection “Carte blanche à Quimera Rosa” for Rencontres Bandits-Mage  2014, Nostagia de vos will be screened at Florence Queer Festival (21-27 November 2014).

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