How can you so quickly judge any space as queer-safe or dangerous?
How do the streets we play in as children shape our worldview as adults?
How can we truly fully inhabit and transform public spaces where we spend our lives?
How art and performance can create a forum for self and community empowerment?

QueerArtLAB’s SPACE/ID project responds to the need to take active and creative leadership in shaping our cities and living spaces. Each person holds complex and layered identities comprised of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, geography, class, ability, culture and more.  We seek to work with youth who are learning new ways of articulating their identities in the world and joining in the creation of their cities, communities, and cultures.

QueerArtLAB target group are LGBTIQ activists and allies, educators, youth workers, artists and youth leaders interested and/or already involved in examining how we engage where we live – politically, socially, physically, and intellectually. Training team and art facilitators will provide participants tools to analyze the places they inhabit, to understand what freedoms and limits our locations place on our identities, and – most importantly – to challenge, alter, or enhance how their cities allow space for self-expression.

The trainers and experts for QueerArtLAB are people who identify as activists, educators, youth workers, travellers, and artists. They have seen both the friction and the creativity that can result when two diverse cultural perspectives meet on issues of identity and human rights.  Their response to that meeting is an artistic one – to find constructive, educational, and beautiful ways of creating community from diversity. QueerArtLAB is particularly interested in providing resources for those who have experienced exclusion because of their identities – empowering those who have found motivation in their lives to be leaders in reshaping adversity with creativity.

To invite QueerArtLAB or to propose us cooperation thourgh Space/ID project, please contact us at


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