qSPORT is an instigator and incubator for queer sport and related.
It is an agent of wider social change with it’s queer mission in society.
It provides both lens for the queer perspective on sports and a mirror for continuous self-reflection.

    qSPORT is setup:

  • to give impetus to local LGBTQ initiatives, groups and individuals who want to meet for sport and recreational activities, be it local sport practice or to take part in international LGBT sport events and institutional networks.
  • to (re)present unique perspectives of developing countries within different international LGBTQ and sport institutions/organizations
  • to articulate queer perspectives within of contemporary field Gay and Lesbian Sport as well as in other sport/cultural/social contexts

qSPORT is working in the conditions/contexts of South East Europe (with Zagreb as an origin), it’s highly dynamic ‘transitional’ and hetero-normalized society with strong homophobia, rendering qSPORT different and unique from known forms of sport clubs, city or national teams.

    It is setup to do so on different levels:

  • organizational (coordination/management/capacity-training support),
  • conceptual (articulation/dissemination of ideas) and
  • infrastructural (with both online and off-line work)

Historically: qSPORT was initiated as an idea among few friends based on discussion with SC Janus (oldest European club) volleyball players back in 2003 and was first time publicly presented and represented at FGG AM in Cologne in 2004 – ever since then it was engaged in Outreach and Development of LGBTQ sport in region of South East Europe, taking different forms and structures in the process.

qSPORT formalized/registered as sport society qSPORT Zagreb for recreation in Croatia to serve (queer) population as an umbrella organization for local activities and regional coordination. It’s goals are to open grounds for wider related activities that would support development of LGBTQ Sports and community (promotional, educational, cultural, advocacy, publishing and research activities).

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