Space/ID Madrid – Day 5

July 12, 2013 – Now is the time in the course for more “open” work time.  Participants are getting into the practice of venturing into unknown spaces, looking/sensing/using that space with a critical lens, and planning their own artistic interventions in public space.  Before the end of the course, they will each individually or in a group implement a public art project.
Alexander Rios' project

Alexander Rios’ project

Some began by selecting their space, making thoughtful choices about race, outsider status, language, and established social codes.

Others began with an inspiration from content we’ve covered in the last few days about the power of voice, the role of ritual in public space, or the charged connotations of the female body.Last night and into this morning, they gathered materials, produced their projects, or worked through timing and language issues within their teams.  We checked in this afternoon to see if folks need volunteers to film project, a space to talk about their work before they take to the public square, or help with editing their documentation.
Mia+Costas, Self-expression in sex project

Mia+Costas, Self-expression in sex project

We placed a larger emphasis during the course on the role of documentation as art in itself. Given that so much of performance work is temporal and fleeting, specific to a time and place and culture, the art of documentation is an equally important skills to develop.

This evening at Patio Maravilla, what is termed a “self-organized space,” Rita Maralla will show a photo series they made in Greece in an attic-like room, and we’ll enjoy performances and presentations from local artists.

Rita Maralla, Epomenistasi Atena (Next stop, Athens) @ Patio Maravilla

Rita Maralla, Epomenistasi Atena (Next stop, Athens) @ Patio Maravilla

We will also hear about the name change process for transgender people who live in Spain but do not hold Spanish passports. Toxic Lesbian will also give Twitter updates on the event.

There is such a strong orientation toward self-expression in the public commons here in Spain.  The summer is hot, there is little air conditioning, and the streets are wide. This equals a strong street culture, a lot of graffiti and other “self-organized” art projects. It’s a perfect context for Space/ID Madrid to learn from the neighborhood that is so kind to host us.

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