Inspiration // El cuerpo como instrumento sonoro post-género

El cuerpo como instrumento sonoro post-género is a workshop proposed by Quimera Rosa to experiment with body and noise. Participants are guided to create a simple body noise amplifier and to generate sound with body contact. During the workshop participants also create prostheses that will be used with amplifiers attached to the body.

The sound devices are based on low-cost technologies (low tech), open and free, modifiable, hackable with infinite possibility of copy, recycle or remix.  At the end of the workshop there is a Jam of noise and bodies open to the public, as a way to play with the boundaries between public and private, body contact, collective physical and sound interaction and open space.

Workshop can be run in Spanish, French, Spanglish and… Martian.

Quimera Rosa is a lab that researches and experiments on body, technology and identities. Their aim is to develop practices able to produce non-natural cyborg identities from a multidisciplinary perspective. They assume Donna Haraway’s notion of cyborg, that defines it as: “chimeras, theorized and fabricated hybrids of machine and organism.”
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Aware of postfeminist and postitdentitary discourses, they make bodies a platform for public intervention, breaking up limits between public and private. Quimera Rosa understand sexuality as a technological and artistical creation and seek to experiment hybrid, flexible and changing identities able to blur frontiers between natural and artificial, normal and abnormal, woman and man. For all these reasons, the most of their work is developed in a collaborative way under free culture paradigm.

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