Inspiration // Urban DRAG

“We’re born naked the rest is drag”: five people explore their identities and define themselves through clothes and makeup. They perform in the urban context because that’s the space where their sexual identities were created, then imposed. Now they’re reinventing them: it’s the heart of the process. The spaces were chosen carefully: Gran Via, the biggest shopping street and Chueca, Madrid gay neighborhood.

Urban Drag is a documentation video of the cross-dressing performance by Queer Cruising Collective run in Gran Via and Chueca (Madrid) as a form to challenge public space with non normative bodies and identities. Urban Drag concept was elaborated during Space/ID Madrid by QueerArtLAB.

The video was presented in Madrid and Zagreb, in the section DIY videos during Muestra Marrana 6, Barcelona (20-22 February 2014), during Space/ID Bologna, and at Ladyfest Milano (6-8 June 2014).

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Performers: Alex Michaelidou, Bar Tok, IlludShone, Paloma de Lurdes, Tonci Batalic
Directing and Editing: Teresa Sala
Camera: Teresa Sala and Rita Maralla
Supervising, valuable advices and assistant director: Zarra Bonheur


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