Sexual citizenship, belonging and relationships

Task#3 – Think your own gender and sexuality experiences in your hometown and other places you may have visited or lived in the past.

Are you or were you comfortable or uncomfortable with expressing and experiencing your gender and sexual identity there? Yes, why? No, why? What were the differences?

Think of these yes and no experiences as destinations…

What is your migration story then? It might be from one part of town to another, one city to the next, or an internal transition. Why does your story happen this way? How does your race, faith, ability, class, or other identity factors impact this story?

For example, our co-trainer Alexey realized that he has never held hands with his romantic partner(s) in public in daylight in Russia, never. But he has been kissed in the main squares of several cities around the world. Alexey now has a lot to think about.

Here is another example of a personal story about realities of sexual citizenship patterns around the world

The general idea of sexual and intimate citizenship, and its practical implications, are explored in some depth in Judit Takács (2009), Limited access to active citizenship: Social exclusion patterns affecting young LGBT people in Europe in Ditta Dolejšiová and Miguel Ángel García López (eds.) Challenges for citizenship, citizenship education and democratic practice in Europe (PDF), Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 2009, pp. 128-137

These two pieces can give us a good platform to start our conversations!

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