Entre Lineas Madrid

Asociacion Entre Lineas was created in 2011 to develop opportunities for training, awareness on issues related to the migrant experience, cultural diversity, gender and sexuality. Among its goals, the association Entre Lineas aims to promote comprehensive and critical exercise of citizenship, under the principle of equality and from the perspective of sexual orientation and gender identity, multicultural and transnational migration.
Activities during the past year have been different. Entre Lineas created a space of awareness through various thematic cineforum on cultural differences and sexual orientation, collaborating with other related associations and informal groups (Eskalera Karakola, Migrantes Transgresorxs). It has organized a course on new technologies for migrant women in collaboration with the SENAMI, to promote the empowerment of women themselves.
The association members also participate in various groups in Madrid, developing best practices on LGBT issues (Transsexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual) and gender issues. They are part of informal groups as Ladyfest Madrid that is committed to promoting feminist artists and organize music and cultural events. Three of them have participated in a UN investigation of women on the social situation of the migrant population in Spain LGBT. One of the end products of such research is a “clip” audiovisual photos and interviews with the migrants involved in the project.

Entre Lineas is a partner organization of Space/ID Bologna and the promoter of Space/ID Madrid.

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