Genres Pluriels

Genres Pluriels is a non-profit organization working for and towards more visibility and protection of transgender and intersex persons.

Our main objectives are:

1. Support and empower our members and more broadly the transgender and intersex community
2. Politically lobby for full rights for transgender and intersex persons in Belgium
3. Generate visibility on transgender and intersex issues through cultural manifestations.

We organize a wide variety of activities to achieve each of the aforementioned objectives. Particularly, we work towards enhancing through creative workshops our organizational aims. A number of cultural activities targeting empowering members and allies of the transgender and intersex community have been put in place and include:

  • Writing and storytelling workshops
  • Drag-king workshops,
  • Video creation and montage workshops

In addition, a yearly festival, “all genres are in our culture” is also organized and fosters a creative space to explore gender binary and the experience of gender differences in our culture.

Genres Pluriels is partner of Space/ID Bologna.

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