BETTY&BOOKS is a no-profit organization aiming to: promote and develop women and pink/queer culture; investigate changes and expressions of contemporary culture related to gender, sexuality, pleasure and consent; promote values of solidarity and equality, participation, democracy, freedom, social justice and peace.

The Association seeks for development and dissemination of cultural activities centered on body, sexuality and self-determination, understood both as means of emancipation of individuals and as a contribution to social change. This happens through all forms of cultural and recreational activities, as well as through the dialogue between different disciplines: video, music, comics, illustration, literature, auto-productions.

BETTY&BOOKS organizes public events as exhibitions, film screenings, debates, workshops, gatherings and parties, often in partnership with other organizations which are part of our local network. Moreover BETTY&BOOKS aims to be a space free from discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ideological or religious beliefs.  Due to the diverse offers of the organization, the target groups which are mainly involved in activities are artists, activists, and individuals who are interested in gender issues and community empowerment.

Betty&Books is a partner organization of Space/ID Madrid and the promoter of Space/ID Bologna.

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