Fruit 2013

Fruit. Self-publishing exhibition is a self-publishing fair, providing workshops, meetings, self-publishing spaces tour, as well as a self-publishing library. The project aims to promote and exhibit the many faces of the contemporary self-published editorial world and presents a variety of materials deriving from different cultural worlds: illustrations, graphics, photografy, visual arts, comics and music. Its second edition will take place in Bologna (Italy), March 23rd-26th, 2013.

The editorial objects exhibited at FRUIT include artzines, artist publications, concept magazines, art micro-publishing, stationary, hand made prints, contemporary graphic and paper engineering projects.

thumbs_DSC_0147_1The Fruit exhibitors are art micro-publishers, printers, self-publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, and artists who. They’re also small publishing houses dealing with contemporary graphics and publishers of projects which transfer the concept of self-publishing to audio-visual productions.

thumbs_DSC_0326_1FRUIT project is creatively working all year long, through promoting various activities connected to self-publishing, didactic courses as well as the promotion and management of a public archive of self-published works (Fruit Library). thumbs_DSC_0332_1

Workshops and meetings also our tool to educate children and young adults to creativity, and to sustain young entrepreneurs in the publishing field as well as to create an international showcase and a meeting and exchange place where ideas, collaborations and projects  can be developed.
For more visual inspiration check here!

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