Toxic Lesbian @ Intermediae Matadero Madrid

Intermediae Matadero Madrid from 2009 hosts Toxic Lesbian project which are specifically focused on gender and sexual orientation topics. Toxic Lesbian project involved different communities as lesbians having families and LGBTQI organizations, working on marriages, births by insemination, fight against  homophobia, gender violence, transgenderisme FtoM or gender repositioning by sexual practices.
The aim of the projects developed by Intermediae with Toxic Lesbian as partner is to join topics often invisible within the public space and to create an empowerment tool for citizens belonging this groups: lesbians, transgender, queers. From 2009, Intermadiae and Toxic Lesbians developed together performances inside Matadero Contemporary Art Center or in Madrid streets; experimental screenings for a general public being the open space where this dialogue can be done; new ways on creating and diffusing art from Copyleft using media and sources belonging the institution and giving the opportunity to initiate new fields as our streaming channel ( For 4 years we’ve created a recognizable public space where hundreds of people, feminist or LGBTQI national or international groups, searchers or artists found a real queer public project. The artistic model of Toxic Lesbian goes from pure artistic language to virtual and live action, creation and investigation processes, including all kind of collaborations. An essential concept of their proposals is to generate works that do not have a commercial format and that creates easy to disseminate tools to citizens and international community with a focused work on media and communication.

Intermediæ is an experimental space run by the Arts Area of the Madrid City Government. Located at Matadero Madrid, it is the institution that inaugurated and inspired this complex devoted to contemporary creation in the city. The architectonic intervention is a project by architects Arturo Franco and Fabrice Van Teslaar. Intermediæ invites creators, local residents, and everyone interested to practice other ways of imagining, relating and inhabiting this fragment of the city.
Intermediæ is conceived as a laboratory for the production of projects and social innovation, specialized in visual culture driven by participation. It investigates new ways of involving different audiences in the circles of art and culture. It understands creation as a shared learning space and experimentation as a form of involvement in cultural production. It collaborates with projects committed to a view of community work as a practice that serves to produce innovation and transformation.
The permeable nature of its spaces, new exhibit formats and the design of the surroundings invite people to stay and inhabit this space. This philosophy of spaces as symbolic, hospitable mediators permits action and appropriation, diluting the dividing lines among managers, artists, the public and users in the field of cultural production. The projects, scheduled activities and visits bring to life the open building space, the Terrario, the Gabinete de Estudios and Avant Garden. Welcoming gestures such as a ping-pong table create a relaxed atmosphere with a playful side for an intergenerational public. Intermediæ, for everyone, a public living room for the city.

Toxic Lesbian is a partner organization of Space/ID Bologna.

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