Towards Space/ID Bologna

So, 5 weeks left to meet at Space/ID Bologna! And we are getting ready to laugh, dance, move, and enjoy our time together! This is easy…

Meanwhile, as we are also going to creatively start to explore intersectional justice, sexual citizenship, public space and European citizenship, safer space, community space and public space through arts and direct action practices, we will propose suggestions to get into the mood and give the possibility to have a wider – and as horizontal as possible – exchange before the meeting (mostly) through QueerArtLAB FB group and by email.

Preparation work aims at:
– sharing knowledge
we will propose materials and readings about intersectionality, privilege, art interventions and public space, and everybody is more and welcome to add comments, links and suggestions.
we’ll publish our picks in Resources.

The common language within the group that will meet in Bologna is English, but materials in other languages (possibly with a brief introduction in English) and on local context related to the themes are more than welcome as we recognize the limits of linguistic (and cultural) monopoly of anglophone-centered analysis and discourse. Beyond English and mother-tongues (Polish, Danish, French, British English, Castellano, Italian), more than one person in the group can understand French, Castellano, Catalan and Italian as foreign language. So, please, enjoy!

– figure out our know-how on DIY (do it yourself), and DIT (do it together)
there’s a lot of simple stuff (or considered as such) that we’ve been doing and that can be of great value to be shared: you know how to make bread, or to make molds, printing, stencil with basic materials, or how to make a zine, or to apply make up to whomever and make them uniquely gorgeous, or to work on open source, or…

the list might me be infinite… so, let’s start to put together our magic!

– sharing experiences
of course, we will do that during the meeting. Nevertheless sharing information about works we’ve been doing collectively or individually, as well as other projects that inspire us with links or short descriptions, images, sounds etc, are a great way to start to have an in-depth and diversified approach to arts and how to create communities and challenge power relations with them.

– sharing responsibilities
as organizers, we do have some responsibilities that are up to us (e.g. selection, practical arrangements, definition of the draft programme, final report), nevertheless some arrangements can be already defined within the group in a participatory way: for instance, the definition of materials and food; space and time arrangements; as well as content and skills sharing during Space/ID.

Last but not least, contributions to the different parts of the preparation are highly recommended but not compulsory, and are not limited to actual participants to the training (except for sharing responsibilities).

How does it sound? 😉

If you have doubts or questions, please ask the group!

QAL Team

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