Inspiration // Oro

oro (gold) by magnafranse proposes the self-management of decorative, as form of expression, by creating jewelry and objects that are part of the ritual of self-representation. oro wants to encourage portable empowerment, rather than the property and also aims to re-signify gold as the metal part of the feminist tradition of the passage of portable property: women didn’t have – like all non-white, not men, not bourgeois or rich people – property in land. They passed valuable objects they had. 

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oro does not need real gold, knowing how this material is part of that traffics that feed deaths. Creating oro is a process that goes through different stages: observation, election, gathering materials, (non/s-)precious stones, wood, from several significant places, while regaining childhood gaming practices and passing through the need to value moments.
As worker of representation, the artist deeply believe that symbols are powerful enough to act: this series of talismans goes then in the direction of self-management of the representation of the spiritual, to propitiate moments of change to close people, to reject destructive energies, or guard from them.

As the text of oro itself is a piece of art, here is the original text about it – and there’s no intention in the description to be a faithful translation of the text.

oro propone la autogestión del ornamental, como forma de expresión, por medio de la creación de joyas y objetos que componen la ritualidad de la autorepresentación.
oro no necesita oro vero, consciente de cómo este material sea parte de tráficos que alimentan muertes y explotación. como trabajadora de la representación creo profundamente que los símbolos sean suficientemente potentes para actuar.
quiere re-significar el oro como metal parte de la tradición feminista del pasaje de la propiedad portatil. quiere fomentar el empoderamiento portatil y trasmitible, no lo de propiedad.
la creación de oro es un proceso que pasa por diferentes momentos: la observación, la elección, la recolecta de material, piedras s-preciosas, maderas, de varios lugares significativos, retomando esas prácticas infantiles de juego.
la realización pasa por la necesidad de valorizar momentos, experiencias de vida que se transforman en objetos.
en esta dirección está la linea de talismanes, autogestionar la representación de lo espiritual, para propiciar momentos de cambios a personas cercanas, o para alimentar el efecto apotropaico, alejar o defender de energias destructivas.

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