Space/ID Bologna – Where

Casa La Lodola is now an agritourism and and organic farm, equipped to accommodate groups.
It is located 35 km from Bologna, at 600 meters above sea level, surrounded by meadows and woods. It’s simple structure, accessible, welcoming, and easy to manage, easier if done in cooperation. The “style ” of the house is based on simplicity and conviviality, by making a good use of energy resources, avoiding waste and respecting the environment.

As this is the space chosen for doing Space/ID, this choice is of course intentional.

We’re also aware that this is a pretty different space from selected for previous activities of QueerArtLAB on queerness, art and public space which were definitely urban: Living Space 2009 took place in Rotterdam, specifically in Oud Charlois, and Space/ID Madrid run its core activities in Lavapiés central neighbourhood.

Casa la Lodola used to be a rural house were the communities of the upper part of Val Samoggia used to meet, have parties, dance and play music. It was needed to pass through those fields to go the the river and to the mill, it quickly became not just a space of transit, but a community meeting place. A good place to start with.

Details on the structure
From the renovation of the rural residence were obtained:
• Two rooms with wooden floors and stone walls, respectively, about 50 and 25 sqm. The largest room is equipped with a screen to project, flipchart, stereo, video/CD/DVD player
• the kitchen is fully and perfectly equipped for community use
• dining room with 40 seats
• there are three bedrooms with 2-4 beds and two dorms with 7 to 12 beds
• A total of 8 bathrooms and 6 showers

The courtyard area is in direct continuity with the surrounding meadows and fields, partly of it is used for pasture and organic cultivation of cereals and vegetables.

You get a farm,  you get sky,  you get goats, you get great people around you.
Get ready and smile! 🙂

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