TOUR GUIDE// Public & Private

TASK # 1

As preparation for Space/ID Bologna continues, we ask participants and friends to share a simple tour of the place where you live. Show us its public and private side. Take a few pictures. Tell a few words about what we see. Post it on our Facebook  group or email it to us at

For example, co-trainer Alexey Timbul currently is in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. This is his small tour for y’all…


Theater Square is a the heart of the city center. It is where all public & state parades and holidays happen. A huge space with heavy traffic becomes available for people only on those special occasions.


The playground outside my window is  only 10 minute walk from the Theater Square, but this is where private drama & victories happen for my neighbors.


Around the corner my home is a plaque commemorating the Nazi mass masacre of 90 people in 1941. During rush hour you can easily see 90 people at the bus stop next to it. I think about my LIEBEration175 project whenever I go by.


I had a studio at for 2 years. A converted Soviet government warehouse, it was developed as a base for artists and creative professionals.


A used books market next to the public library on the city’s 100% pedestrian street is one of my favorite spots. Also, it’s the only bike-friendly route.

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