Space/ID Bologna

Space/ID Bologna is a 7-days training course promoted by Betty&Books in cooperation with QueerArtLAB team and in partnership with Toxic Lesbians @ Intermediae Matadero Madrid and Asociacion Entre Lineas (ES), Genres Pluriels (BE), BLUS (DK), Fundacja CENTRA/UFA (PL) and QMEDIA informal group (UK).
The project aims to examine how elements of art and performance shape both identity and public space: through non formal education methodologies, experiential learning, art workshops and action into the public arena, participants are going to improve their cultural awareness and expression, as well as their social and civic competence. Participants will also share their organization’s best practices and learn from local artists and activists.  Dissemination projects will focus on actions in the public arena of participants’ local context: those projects will be collected on QueerArtLAB webpage and in a PDF guideline.

Within the Youth in Action funding framwork, Space/ID Bologna will engage a group of 24 reimbursed artists, activists, educators, youth workers and youth leaders, from Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, United Kingdom and Italy working within or in cooperation with their local LGBTIQ community. 50% of placements are reserved to unemployed young people among them.

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